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What does your photographer need for a flat lay?

Most, if not all wedding photographers will take a flat lay shot of your wedding details.

You’ve likely seen these flat lay shots on your favourite wedding photographers‘ Instagram or website, but what exactly do they need to take this shot?

If you’ve hired an experienced professional wedding photographer, do not worry – they will likely tell you everything they need, or better still collect it themselves as you get your hair or make up done.

Some photographers (like the incredible Christina Brosnan) even bring their own flat lay backdrop with them.

flay lay, wedding flat lay
Images via Story of Eve (L) and Christina Brosnan (R)

What should I make sure to give my photographer?

If your wedding photographer is doing a flay lay photo, it’s likely that they will have a check list themselves, but if you’re looking for any idea as to what they might need – and to take the stress out of this on the wedding morning, so let’s take a look…

  • Your wedding rings and engagement ring
  • Wedding ring box (this is where a really nice velvet ring box comes into play – click here for more)
  • Wedding accessories: tennis bracelets, watches, hair clips, bow ties
  • Invitations and invitations suite
  • Flowers: individual flowers, boutonni√®res or bouquet
  • Ribbon: this might be the ribbon from your invitation suite or bouquet
  • Vow book or handwritten vows
  • Wedding shoes
  • Wedding bag
  • Wedding perfume

What else would you include in your flat lay?

Lead Image via Pinterest

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