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5 brilliant Irish creatives doing wedding calligraphy

Whether you’re looking for calligraphy for menus, place settings or envelopes, these Irish calligraphers are extremely talented.

Handwritten invitations, menus, and welcome signs are all the rage these days, so they should be as if they are such beautiful and actual works of art. There are a number of Irish calligraphers will help you create and design invitation suites and on-day décor to fit in with your theme.

Need help on where to start? Check out this list of incredibly talented calligraphers to check out for all your invitation suites and on-day décor designs.

BUDGET: It is important to keep in mind that calligraphy wedding stationery and wedding invitation suites are hand-crafted pieces and can get quite expensive.

Arcadia Script

Wedding Season 85
Image via Instagram

Available to create both wedding suites and other bespoke pieces such as poems and quotes, Jennifer pieces that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Instagram: @arcadiascript

Calligraphy by Laura

Wedding Season 87
Image via Instagram

Laura’s creative talent extends beyond wedding invitation suites, and she has worked with brands such as Jo Malone and Rituals.

Instagram: @calligraphybylaura

Calligraphy by Marie-Claire Whelan

Wedding Season 88
Image via Instagram

An Irish creative based in London, Marie-Claire has worked with several Irish influencers, including Clementine McNiece, to create their wedding invitation suite of dreams.

Instagram: @calligraphybymcw

Soul Scribe Calligraphy

Wedding Season 89
Image via Instagram

Jagdeep is an experienced and talented calligraphy creative, and has the ability to perfect almost any script or font.

Instagram: @soulscribe_calligraphy

Lenka Calligraphy

Wedding Season 90
Image via Instagram

Lenka is the woman behind Maeve Madden’s wedding invitations, and has solidified her place as one of Ireland’s most sought-after calligraphy creatives.

Instagram: @lenkacalligraphy

Lead Image via Instagram Calligraphy By MCW.

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