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Hold the Phone: Reasons to consider an audio guest book

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Guest books are a wedding tradition that haven’t quite faltered over the years, acting as a time capsule of wedding day moments and attendees notes. But, guest books but can often get forgotten once the evening gets going.

So, if you’re looking for something a little more modern and erring on the side of quirky, why not level up your voicenote game, and add an audio guest book to the mix?

What is an audio guest book?

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If you’re a Pinterest planner, you’ve definitely seen these or maybe even have it pinned.

Similar to leaving voice notes, guests can record their well-wishes, sweet sentiments and funny anecdotes of the day, in their own voices by simply lifting the receiver on the old style house phone.

An audio guest book is an innovative way to preserve the memories of your special day, providing a nostalgic trip down memory lane whenever you listen to the recordings. No more trying to decipher handwriting, or struggling to read a signature – with an audio guest book you’ll be able to capture the voices and personalities of your guests, that you can have forever.

How can I book an audio guest book for my wedding?

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GráFón is an Irish company specialising in audio guest books.

You’ll receive an old-school phone via the post, and all you have to do is plug it in, and place it in an area where your guests will be able to take the time to leave a message – and Bob’s your uncle! And after that it’s as simple as your guests leaving a message after the beep.

With the ability to record up to three minutes of audio at a time, and no limit on the length of the overall recording, your guests can leave as many voice messages as they wish.

Once the day is done, you pack up the phone and return it back to GráFón using the box and return address label. Within 2-4 weeks, you’ll receive all the audio recordings, and the team can even had these voice notes put onto a vinyl record as a physical wedding keepsake.

What should I budget for this service?

According to the website, to order to book the GráFón audio guest book, you will need to initially place €100 refundable deposit. Following the payment of the deposit, this service has a €300 fee; this fee includes, the postage (both ways) in addition to the processing and editing of the voice recordings.

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