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Trend Alert: Double diamond, open wedding rings

Weddings and fashion are undeniably intertwined.

Marriage proposals of 2019 and 2020 saw the rise in popularity of halo engagement rings, while 2021 saw a turn towards solitaires – namely the oval shape. Remember the bouffant hair styles of the late 2000s?

A wedding ring once symbolised the circular and never-ending bond, however, we’ve recently spotted a trend of open ended double diamond rings in place of wedding bands.

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In recent times, wedding rings aren’t just a simple symbol of unending love, they’re another way of ‘adding to your stack’ and expressing your personal sense of style. And we’re here for it.

Whether it’s double diamonds of the same shape, or different coloured stones and gems or even different shapes, this is a trend that we love, and we think it will be around for a while.

Irish influencers like Martha McDermott, Jodie Wood and Lauren Arthurs have all been wearing this style of ring recently.

Lead Image via Cushla Whiting

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