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Predictions: Engagement ring trends that will be popular in 2023

Whether you’re hoping to get engaged in 2023 or know its on the cards, let’s talk about the engagement ring trends that we’ll likely see more of this year.

When we talk about engagement ring trends, this is not to say that we haven’t already seen these styles of rings before, we just expect these styles will become increasingly popular this year.

Here are six engagement ring trends that we’ll see in 2023.

Bezel Settings

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Images via Instagram Bridal By Regi

A bezel ring setting describes a ring setting where the diamond or gemstone is encased in a metal rim that sits flush against the edge of the stone. This type of setting is known for its durability as the stone is protected on all sides, making it less likely to get damaged or scratched. Bezel ring settings can come in different styles, such as full bezel, partial bezel and double bezel (ie. the stone is surrounded by two metal rims). Although a protective style, bezel settings are set to become popular for the quirky and modern styling on the classic solitaire.

Coloured Diamonds or Precious Stones

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Image via Instagram Matthew Weldons

Engagement rings with coloured precious stones or coloured diamonds are set to trend this year for a few different reasons. Depending on the number of carats, shape and clarity – coloured precious stones can often be a more budget-friendly option than a diamond of similar carats, shape and clarity. And there are plenty of coloured precious stones to choose from; ruby (red), emerald (deep green), sapphire (deep blue), amethyst (purple), aquamarine (light blue) and citrine (yellow) for example.

East to West Settings

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Images via Armars Jewellery and Noble Juwelen

East to west ring setting is a unique type of ring setting where the diamond or gemstone is placed horizontally, with the longest dimension of the stone running east to west. Traditionally, centre stones are placed in a north to south setting. The east to west setting gives a modern and contemporary look to any stone shape, although it is often used with elongated cuts, such as pear, marquise, and ovals. This setting allows the light to enter the diamond or gemstone in a different angle, highlighting the width and making it appear larger – big win!

Emerald Cut

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Image via Instagram Keyzar Jewelry

Since 2020, we have seen the rise in popularity of the oval cut stone, but 2023 is set to see the emerald cut re-emerge. The panelled cuts of an emerald cut stone draw the eye into the centre of the stone, and offer a completely different and interesting look to a stone than the traditional brilliant cut found in round or oval stones. Due to the emphasising nature of an emerald cut, emerald cut stones often look larger than their carat weight.

Lab Grown Diamonds

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Images via Bespoke Diamonds (Lab – L, Natural – R)

No longer taboo, lab grown diamonds are being fully embraced in 2023. Not only can you get more diamond for your hard-earned cash, lab grown diamonds are ethically and sustainably sourced or created. Would you choose a lab grown diamond as your engagement ring? Check out more on lab grown diamonds right here.

Side Stones

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Images via Instagram Appleby Jewellers

The solitaire engagement ring has had a long run, and although still popular, side stones are set to re-enter the chat. Coming in various forms and shapes, we’re expecting to see complementing side stones as well as tapered stones baguette side stones will become a popular trend for 2023 fiancees.

Which one of these styles is your favourite?

Lead Image via Instagram Ring Concierge

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