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Predictions: 9 wedding trends that we’ll see in 2023

Are you getting married in 2023?

Time to take note, get the pen and paper out.

We’re taking a look at some of the wedding trends that will spill over from 2022, and others that we predict will become popular for weddings in 2023.

Tiered Wedding Dresses

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Images via Pronovias, Sakred Bridal and Project Bridal

Tiered and layered detailing is set to become popular for 2023. Adding a romantic flow to wedding dresses, this tiering trend will transcend all textures, from lace, to tulle and chiffon. Variations will include high-low tiering, diagonal detailing, even layers and ruffling.

Autumnal Colour Palette

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Images via Simple Florals

Autumnal colours, mainly combinations of blushes, creams, burgundy and rust shades will be popular for both florals and bridesmaid dresses in 2023. It’s likely we will see this colour palette throughout the year, as opposed to solely in the autumn. Discover some amazingly talented wedding florists here.

Wedding Gloves

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Images via Kerry Parker and Dianne Lewis Couture

Wedding gloves are set to get even more popular in 2023. You’ll be seeing various different types of wedding gloves of the big day, hen parties and day two outfits. Full length, satin, embroidered, tulle – any and all type of wedding gloves will be a popular choice. Click here for more on wedding gloves.

Flowing Sleeves

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Images via IG Renata DaGrella, Aleena Bridal and Bonnie Ryan

This trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Billowing, puffy, attached and removable; wedding dresses with additional sleeve detailing will remain on-trend for 2023. In 2022 brides, influencers Anna Kirwan, Bonnie Ryan and Martha McDermott all chose wedding dresses with detachable sleeves to give two different wedding looks. Click here for more influencer wedding details.

Black Tie Weddings

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Image via Hannah Lucy Photo

Going hand-in-hand with smaller wedding numbers, black tie weddings are on the rise and will continue to be popular for 2023. Black tie weddings are great for guests, as there are no questions about the dress code but they’re also great for photographs.

Pearl Details

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Images via Rosie Bakes and Prea James Bridal

Have pearl details ever really gone out of fashion? Although pearls are usually seen in bridal jewellery, We are likely to see pearl detailing come through in unusual ways: pearl hair gems, all over or sprinkled pearl veils and even on cake detailing.

Intimate Weddings and Elopements

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Image via Grace Brown Photo

The so-called micro wedding trend, and guest lists of less than fifty, will continue, and may even spill into elopement style weddings. Romantic, personal, intimate and you’ll save a fortune! Check out small Dublin City Centre locations here.

Short Wedding Dresses

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Images via Marquise Bridal and Danielle Frankel Studio

Short wedding dresses have trickled into the mainstream throughout 2022, and this trend will most definitely continue into 2023. Keep an eye out for the short wedding dress trend: structured, lace, silky and embellished.

Whimsical, Small Bridal Bouquets

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In 2023, we’re likely to see smaller bridal bouquets of wildflowers, daisies and baby’s breath. We’re looking forward to seeing lighter and more petite bouquets compared to the overly large, flowing and ‘messy’ bouquets we saw in 2023.

How many of these predicted trends do you like?

Lead Image via Pronovias, Grace Brown Photo and Rosie Bakes

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