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5 iconic TV wedding moments

Looking for some light relief from the wedding planning and the wedmin? We’ve got you covered.

It is pretty much impossible to distill the most iconic TV wedding moments down to just five, but heck we’ll give it a go.

From the wholesome, the heart-breaking, the cringe and the downright hilarious, there are so many TV wedding moments that are now more than iconic.

Here at Wedding Season, these are some of our favourite TV wedding moments – in no particular order…

Schitt’s Creek – David & Patrick

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Image via Instagram Schitt’s Creek

In her role as officiant, Moira takes the opportunity to make a fashion statement. Marrying her son, David and his partner Patrick Brewer, Moira dons a Lady Gaga meets the Pope style outfit and knee length blonde extensions. A black tie affair, one groom (David) wears a kilt, whilst the other (Patrick) wears a traditional tuxedo, choosing a tie over a bow. Still pretty on trend, Alexis, the maid-of-honour wears a white dress. One of the grooms even bursts into song, Mariah Carey’s Alway’s Be My Baby. Iconic in more ways than one. You can watch David and Patrick’s love story unfold here.

Friends – Ross & Emily

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Image via NBC Friends

Even if you aren’t a Friends stan, you’ll remember this one. Aptly, this episode, from waaay back in Season 4 is named The One Where Ross Gets Married. Ross and some of the gang head to London, as Ross prepares to marry Emily. Emily Waltham is the well-spoken British niece of Rachel’s boss. Given the history between Ross and Rachel, Rachel stays in New York with a heavily pregnant Phoebe – but after some mulling over, rushes to London… But who’s name does Ross say at the alter? If you need to jog your memory, or just want to relive one of the most glorious TV wedding moments in history, hit this link.

Gossip Girl – Chuck & Blair

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Image via CWTV

Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. The most unlikely duo that just work so well. After much to-ing and fro-ing, a wedding (and subsequent divorce) and a pact where they promise they will end up together, the iconic Upper East Side couple finally tie the knot in one of the most gorgeous locations in New York City. Bethesda Terrace is a well-known beauty spot in the middle of Central Park, and its also where Chuck and Blair get married. You can watch Chuck and Blair’s Central Park wedding right here.

Gilmore Girls – Luke & Lorelai

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Image Via Netflix

With the recent revival of this top-notch 1990s show, Luke and Lorelai have to be on this list. Let’s be real, you didn’t spend part of lockdown rewatching Gilmore Girls, did you even lockdown? After canceling their first wedding, weddings, divorces, surprise kids and everything in between it took a while – ahem, seven seasons and an eight year gap – for these two love birds to eventually get hitched. A full circle moment. If you need some reminding, watch Luke and Lorelai tie the knot here.

Grey’s Anatomy – Burke & Christina

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Image via Netflix

There have been more than fifteen weddings (so far) over the nineteen series of Grey’s Anatomy, so it is difficult to put a finger on the best moments even just from this show. But Burke and Christina’s Season 3 not-so-wedding got us choked up. And we can barely rewatch it. Christina, the commitment phobe had a series case of cold feet, washes her vows off her hands as she scrubs in for surgery and dithers before walking up the aisle. But, in the end its Burke that calls it all off, walking out of the church in front of a full crowd. Pass the tissues. Heart. Broken. Watch it all unfold right here.

What is your favourite TV wedding moment?

Lead Image via NBC Friends and Schitt’s Creek

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