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8 love-laced Christmas movies to watch this festive season

The cold winter weather has official set in. And so has the early wintery darkness.

Bad news for some.

Great news for anyone (like us) who loves to be bundled up in blankets with the fire blazing, popcorn and red wine to hand, plonked in front of a Christmas movie. Not just any Christmas movie, add a lil bit of romance in there for the craic.

We’re not talking the weak Hallmark specials, we’re talking about those ultimate classics, old school movies and appropriately cringey/funny rom-coms that make for great viewing on a winter’s evening.

Because we couldn’t possibly rate them, here are some seriously good Christmassy movies with just a pinch of love thrown in.

Bridget Jones’ Diary

A modern classic. Let’s be honest, we are all Bridget Jones.

The Holiday

Honestly, what type of list would this be without The Holiday?

Love Actually

What would Christmas be without Love Actually? A great all-rounder: equal parts laughter, love and heartbreak (damn you Alan Rickman making Emma Thompson cry).

Love Hard

One of those predictable but cute kinda movies.

Last Christmas

A relatively new one that gives us all the feels.


It all started at Christmas time in New York. Festive feels and all out romance.

Sleepless in Seattle

Okay so not entirely a Christmas movie, but it starts with Christmas scenes and that’s enough for us. Annie, Jonah

While You Were Sleeping

If this happened in real life it would be straight-to-jail for Sandra Bullock, but because it’s a movie – its romantic. And we love it.

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