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The Seychelles: When is the best time to visit?

Honeymoons. Honeymooning. Honeymooners.

Let’s talk about some of the most popular honeymoon spots and when is the best time to visit.

An exotic, island escape off the edge of Africa, The Seychelles is a dream destination for honeymooners seeking a relaxing and luxurious getaway. The Seychelles offers visitors both pristine, picture perfect beaches coupled with nature reserves and tropical rainforest landscapes, and is home to those giant tortoises!

Why do couples choose The Seychelles?

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As a honeymoon destination, The Seychelles effortlessly ticks a lot of the boxes that most newlyweds are searching for; (almost) year-round-sunshine, swaying palm trees and tropical island vibes coupled with breathtaking turquoise waters and endless stretches of pristine white sand. And did we mention the roaming giant tortoises?

Enjoy a round on golf courses with some of the most incredible tropical scenery, book a guided bicycle tour or visit Victoria on Mahe one of the world’s smallest cities, cheers with local rum and dine on fresh, flavourful Creole food.

For those interesting in snorkelling and swimming, the turquoise waters are teeming with colourful marine life and has over 3000 kilometres of protected coral reefs. You’ll also find a pink sand beach at Anse Source D’Argent on La Digue island.

Each island offers unique things to do, island hopping but make it exotic. The Seychelles is a slice of paradise, offering couples an array of experiences, from exploring lush nature reserves and immersing in the vibrant local culture to succumbing to luxurious relaxation in top quality resorts and soaking up the surreal spectacle of sunsets that are nothing short of Instagrammable.

But, when is the best time to visit?

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April/May or October/November

April and May, and October and November are considered shoulder months – ie. times of the year with the least amount of rain, good warm weather and lightly breezing trade winds.

Although these times of year are recommended for the best weather conditions, tourists do visit The Seychelles throughout the year as temperatures rarely fall below 25 degrees celsius all-year-round; December, January, July and August are considered peak season for visitors.

It should be taken into account that The Seychelles has a tropical climate, and so rainfall at any time of the year is to be expected. In August and September the islands tend to experience windy season as strong trade winds sweep the islands from the south-east. These winds impact the seas, and can make the sea rough for travel and water sports.

Popular islands to visit and tour include Curieuse, La Digue, Mahe and Praslin.

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