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Trend Alert: The resurrection of champagne towers

Wedding planning and looking for the latest trends to incorporate into your wedding? We’ve got you covered.

You’ve probably seen champagne towers make an appearance on your Instagram feed or have an image of them pinned on your Pinterest Board.

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champagne towers, champagne tower
Images via Instagram Story of Eve

Champagne towers are (usually tall) structures comprising of champagne coupes, rather than flutes, as the flat top of a couple allows for larger and more stable stacking. Starting with a larger base, champagne coupes are stacked in a pyramid shape to create a ‘tower’.

Champagne or Prosecco is then poured into the singular coupe that makes the peak of the champagne tower, and the bubbles then flow down into the other glasses.

Originally champagne towers became popular in the 1920s, the Roaring 20s and the Great Gatsby era but they’re most definitely back and trending for 2023 weddings.

champagne towers
Images via Instagram Ali Plant & Mementos Photography
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