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Are Grace Kelly inspired wedding dresses making a comeback?

On April 18 1956, Grace Kelly’s full-sleeve, high-neck lace detailed wedding dress was cemented in the fashion archives and instantly became an iconic bridal fashion moment.

It’s unsurprising that since that very moment, celebrities and royals alike have been inspired by Grace Kelly and have chosen similar high neck, full sleeve, lace (or heavily lace detailed) wedding dresses for their Big Day.

grace kelly, wedding dresses

The ‘Grace Kelly’ wedding dress trend was well and truly revived in 2011 by none other than Kate Middleton. And since then, the high neck lace detailed wedding dress has been the choice of numerous celebrities Nicki Hilton (2015), actor Priyanka Chopra (2018), fashionista Chiara Ferragni (2021), model Jasmine Tookes (2021), model and niece of Princess Diana, Kitty Spencer (2021), Paris Hilton (2021) and Lily Collins (2021)

And this year, the high neck, long sleeve, lace wedding dress was the choice of grand-daughter of US President, Naomi Biden in November.

This style of wedding dress has never really gone out of style, and we’re expecting to be seen throughout 2023.

Would you choose this style for your wedding dress?

Chiara Ferragni

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Jasmine Tookes

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Kate Middleton

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Lady Kitty Spencer

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Lily Collins

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Naomi Biden

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Paris Hilton

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Priyanka Chopra

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