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Brides Edition: 16 sites for Day Two inspiration

Day Two inspiration, sigh. What is it about Day Two looks that that makes them difficult to find?

Finding a dress or outfit for your wedding day is hard enough, but the search for a Day Two look is seemingly relentless. If you’ve spent hours searching and scrolling for inspiration on how to style your Day Two look, here are a few more sites that you might not have come across.

Whether you buy from these sites or take inspiration and get your outfit locally made, these are some of the sites we like to regularly peruse for some inspiration.

Don’t forget there is really no need to spend silly money or get stressed out as you can also rent an outfit for your Day Two inspiration, check out these rental spots.

Bec + Bridge

day two inspiration

Website: Bec + Bridge
Instagram: Bec + Bridge

Another Australian brand that seriously brings the goods, every single time. Bec + Bridge is known for their figure enhancing silky slip dresses with subtle yet stunning details you wont find from another brand, but you can also find two-pieces, suits, skirts and much more.

Club L London

Untitled design 35

Website: Club L London
Instagram: Club L London

Whether you’re on the hunt for feathery pieces, silky pieces or something with a little sparkle, Club L London has a huge selection of dresses, two pieces and jumpsuits that would be suitable for a hen party, Day Two, bridesmaids and even clubbing. Depending on the vibe of your wedding or hen party, Club L London is worth a browse.

Dream by Sister Jane

Untitled design 33

Website: Sister Jane
Instagram: Dream Sister Jane

Sister Jane is known for creating quality pieces that stand the test of time. Bringing oversized bows, romantic flowing silhouettes and beautiful textured fabrics to the bridal market for a relatively affordable price, Dream by Sister Jane is the whimsical and charming little sister/capsule collection. With a bridal section that you can also browse, the Sister Jane brand offers a lot of choice. If you’re looking for a feminine yet structured suit, this is a brand that you need to check out. You’ll also be able to pick up complementing accessories such as headbands, scrunchies, earrings and even pearl encrusted veils.

Karen Millen

Untitled design 41

Website: Karen Millen
Instagram: Karen Millen

In the last year, Karen Millen has seem somewhat of a revival. From failing grand-mother brand to an online platform serving up the of chicest occasion wear. With classic shapes, tailored two pieces, detailed embroidery and added details, these pieces will serve you for more than just the Day Two or the lead up to the wedding. Prices vary, but there also always seems to be a constant sale.

Note: All import taxes and duties are covered by Karen Millen.

Nadine Merabi


Website: Nadine Merabi
Instagram: Nadine Merabi Bridal

Although definitely on the pricier end of things (€200-500), Nadine Merabi serves up some seriously iconic bridal outfits. From full lace suits and jumpsuits, to feathered skirts and dresses, and details such as fringed beading and pearl edging – the team at Nadine Merabi truly produce some gorgeous outfits. Even if you’re not looking to buy directly from Nadine Merabi, you can certainly look to replicate or use these outfits as inspiration for your Day Two ensemble.

Note: According to the website, duties are covered by Nadine Merabi on shipments to USA, EU and UAE.


Untitled design 27

Website: Meshki
Instagram: Meshki

Despite being an Australian brand, Meshki is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and we’ve even spotted a few Irish influencers sporting looks from Meshki on the ‘gram lately. With a focus on silky satin and stretch satin fabrics, Meshki offers relatively affordable options for Day Two, heck you could even get your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses from this site. With diamonte strapping, corseting, bows and cut out details, there is something really sexy about these simple pieces that catch the eye.

Note: As Meshki is an Australian brand there could be additional importation charges added.

& Other Stories

Untitled design 48 1

Website: & Other Stories
Instagram: & Other Stories

Although you’re better off looking at & Other Stories when the spring/summer stock lands, there are always are few hidden gems to be found on site and in store. A higher-end, high-street store, & Other Stories is known for its quality and durability of fabrics, and sleek designs. You’ll find an array of fabrics and shapes here, from sequins to broderie and sateens, however the size range is rather limited.


Untitled design 38

Website: PatBO
Instagram: PatBO

Brazilian designer Patricia Bonaldi founded the aptly named PatBO, a brand that creates incredible, hand-crafted designs. Although on the higher end of the price scale, PatBO sells intricately beaded, fringed, feathered and designed pieces. PatBO is a gorgeous brand that can be used for inspiration in terms of textures and shapes. You can purchase directly from the designer or via Revolve.


Untitled design 44 1

Website: Retrofête
Instagram: Retrofete

If you’re after a sparkly number or have a Christmas wedding planned, you should check out Retrofête. You can shop Retrofête on Revolve, and you might be lucky enough to find a re-sale gem on Vestiaire Collective, as these pieces can get quite pricey due to all the beading and detailing.


Untitled design 40

Website: Revolve
Instagram: Revolve

A hosting site for all sorts of designer brands in almost all sizes, colours, prints and prices. Whether you’re on the hunt for something formal or an outfit that is more laid back, Revolve is a great place to start – and the perfect spot for Day Two inspiration. But, get ready to scroll and scroll and scroll. There is a lot on this site, and it can get overwhelming, so you’re better off having a shape or silhouette in mind before diving in.


Untitled design 34

Website: Selezza
Instagram: Selezza London

Selezza is a brand that is all about texture; pleats, tulle and three dimensional appliques. This is the perfect brand for anyone seeking inspiration for something a little bit different. The ultimate inspiration for Day Two outfits. These pieces bring all the drama, but in the most feminine and detailed of ways.


Untitled design 31

Website: Sezane
Instagram: Sezane

If you’re after something that is chic and comfortable, then French brand Sezane should be on your list of brands to check out. Specialising in quality knitwear and stunning broderie pieces, the brand has some really unique pieces that you won’t see on your guests. Sezane is a great brand for high-end, high-quality pieces for your Day Two outfit that you will be able to re-wear again and again.

Sinead Keary The Label

Untitled design 28

Website: Sinead Keary
Instagram: Sinead Keary The Label

Sinead Keary is a talented Irish personal shopper and has recently taken the Irish fashion scene by storm with her incredible silk and lace pieces. Sinead Keary The Label has become a go-to for glam, silky ensembles that are known to have incredible quality. These are truly beautiful pieces, and you’ll be supporting an Irish designer – feel good vibes all around. Selling simple, yet oh-so-beautiful pieces that can either be dressed up or dressed down – these are pieces that you will continue to re-wear and keep in your wardrobe for years to come.

Sophie et Voila

Untitled design 32

Website: Sophie et Voila
Instagram: Sophie et Voila

Despite the French name, Sophie et Voila is a Spanish brand that specialises in creating special moments through its bridal wear. Shop online (or just browse for inspiration) or you can even get something custom-made. With so many different textures and silhouettes, you won’t be short of inspiration with this brand; from sleek and silky to billowing and beautiful, lace and everything in between.


Untitled design 39

Website: Zimmerman
Instagram: Zimmerman

Zimmerman is a luxury, Australian brand known for their interesting, breezy and overtly feminine silhouettes. These dresses and two-pieces are perfect for the summer, and could definitely be re-worn over and over again, and would be ideal on the honeymoon. Expensive but oh, so beautiful. Definitely on our list for Day Two inspiration.

2nd Skin Co.

Untitled design 29

Website: The 2nd Skin Co
Instagram: The 2nd Skin Co

This Madrid based atelier is making all our modern-cool-chic-European dreams come true. Each outfit gives that effortless but effort-filled look, these looks are so beautifully crafted. With a number of silhouettes of luxury heavy lace guipure, and the juxtapositioning of draped and flowing pieces with other structured piece, The 2nd Skin Co should be on your radar for inspiration if not anything else.

Lead Image via Instagram

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